• Daddy Showkey Gives N100k To Lady Who Recorded Success, Sapele Schoolgirl
  • Daddy Showkey Gives Stephanie Idolor N100,000

    Stephanie Idolor Is the Real Hero" - Daddy Showkey says as he dashes her N100k

    Daddy Showkey shared video and wrote:

    "Without you this Success story will not be , So my dear @stephanie_idolor pls don’t regret anything, the truth is that you are a Angel and for me you are the true hero, pls send me your account."

    Stephanie, the lady who recorded Success's Viral Video is now Going Viral after she called out Success's family for refusing to help her after they received over N5.5 Million.

    Today Alone she received A total Of N600k, N500k from delta state deputy speaker and N100k from Daddy Showkey who has also Initiated A funding Campaign for her. 

    Watch the videos and see more about the lady, Stephanie...

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  • 25 Mar '19 - 03:36pm
    1 450
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  • zicolsystem on 25 Mar '19 - 03:37pm
    Happy for Stephanie..... More money still coming your way girl. You made it happen for Success!
  • tonia004 on 27 Mar '19 - 05:52am
    It is disappointing that success's family did not give her anything. That is, iif she is being truthful about it.
  • salvado47 on 02 May '19 - 03:48pm
    Na Wa oo
  • femihero on 23 May '19 - 12:33am
    That is a good gesture and encouraging one from daddy showkey, nice step.
  • abs360 on 06 Jun '19 - 07:52pm
    They she goes stephania
  • ibonwon1 on 09 Jun '19 - 09:21pm
    what is all about
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